Peggle Slots At Jackpot Joy

Peggle Slot from Jackpot Joy is a fantastic fantasy-themed online slot machine with 5 reels, 4 rows and 50 bet lines.

It boasts stacked, scatter and wild symbols, and it offers free spins and a deluxe bonus feature. With a high basic jackpot is £25,000, and coins ranging from 1p to £1 you can cover all opportunities with just 50p, or you can make the maximum bet with £50.

What sets Peggle Slot apart from other online slots is the bonus system. Beyond winning money, the goal of Peggle is to unlock masters, which are avatars that give you a greater chance to win during the bonus rounds. Powers increase your odds, increase the jackpots, add free spins and so forth.

The neat thing about Peggle Slot is the persistence engine. Once you’ve unlocked a Peggle master, that master is unlocked for you for all time. Master Hu is the top master, and he refunds the spin on any free spin that loses. Imagine having that unlocked permanently.

Keep in mind that the saved aspect of the game does not transfer between free and pay modes. In other words, you can’t unlock Master Hu on free, and then use him in pay mode. However, you can unlock masters playing for just pennies, and then when you’ve unlocked them, up the bet!

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