Star Trek 10K Prize Pot

£10k Star Trek Competition Takes Off At Ladbrokes Games

Any film buffs or Star Trek fans out there will be aware that there is brand new movie on the way and the finishing touches are currently being applied. Star Trek may be a wee bit of an acquired taste, although we can’t say the same about online scratch cards! We go to Ladbrokes Games all the time and sit down with a couple of their online scratch cards – it’s just so exciting watching those panels disappear to potentially reveal prizes. Moving back to Start Trek, Ladbrokes Games have decided to put together a wee promotion that looks perfect for fans waiting for the arrival of the new movie.

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Star Trek Against All Odds is a tremendous online slot game and a marvellous creation from IGT. It’s so good, in fact, that it can sustain an entire promotion all on its own. Ladbrokes Games think the slot game is so good that they are encouraging everyone to play it, and are going to extreme but amazing lengths to do so! Ladbrokes Games have launched their Star trek £10k Give Away and it will run for the next few days before finishing, at which point there will be some very happy players!

Ladbrokes have put together an astonishing prize fund of £10,000 for this online slot game. What is more amazing is that there will be one player who receives a whopping £2,000 cash. This money can be used to plan the summer holiday or else for a winter escape from all the snow that is currently blighting the UK. To be in with a chance of winning a share of the galactic great cash you need to work your way up the competition leaderboard by achieving success with your wagering.

For every £1 that you earn playing the Star Trek Against All Odds Slot, Ladbrokes will add one Race Point to your total. The aim is to soar above the competition and rise to the very top, but this won’t be easy as we’re expecting the finest slots players in the galaxy to attend. There is further good news because Ladbrokes will be handing out double Race Points on Monday and these can be earned through playing any slot game that you like. Ladbrokes are known for throwing promotions that are out of this world – join now and snap up their £10 risk free play bonus.

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