Wonderland At Jackpot Joy

Jackpot Joy's Wonderland slot game is beautifully designed with attractive visuals, catchy sounds, easy game play and the opportunity for big wins. The Alice in Wonderland theme lends a whimsical touch to the game that extends throughout play.

Themed bonus games offer an opportunity to win even more and you earn rewards by choosing the right teapots in the Mad Tea Party game while looking for the elusive Dormouse.

The Croquet game pits Alice against the villainous Queen of Hearts and there are opportunities to win the progressive jackpot in each of the bonus games by completing tasks like choosing the right cake at the tea party or turning all the roses red before being caught by the Queen.

With up to 100 paylines and four different progressive jackpots depending on how much you stake per spin, this Wonderland online slot game from Jackpot Joy will charm players with its unique design, fun bonus games, fantastic theme and easy game play.

[Jackpot Joy]

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